Posted by: reederwi | April 18, 2010

Barbara Bel Geddes & Ellen Corby, I Remember Mama (1948)

One of the best things about seeing Oscar-nominated films is that many of them contain double (and in one case triple) nominees in one acting category. 28 films feature two or more Best Supporting Actress nominees.  Such is the case in the film I Remember Mama.  This 1948 film, directed by George Stevens, tells the story of a turn of the century immigrant Norwegian family living in San Francisco.  Two of the actresses from the film Barbara Bel Geddes, nominee,  (195) and Ellen Corby, nominee (194) were nominated for their roles. Geddes plays Katrin, aspiring writer, eldest daughter of the Hanson family and the narrator of the film. Corby plays the sympathetic Aunt Trina, who is seeking out approval from Uncle Chris (aka “The Black Norwegian”- so dubbed because he has dark hair) for her impending engagement.  Geddes and Corby both lost the Oscar that year to Claire Trevor in Key Largo- a film and performance I have yet to see. I Remember Mama earned 5 Oscar nominations and came away with zero wins.



  1. Claire Trevor is AMAZING in ‘Key Largo’! And incidentally, I will be seeing ‘I Remember Mama’ too, as Irene Dunne was up for Actress. This is going to be fun, my friend!

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